Social Media

If done properly, social media can be the most cost effective and profitable form of online marketing. Around 80% of consumers go to sites such as Facebook or Twitter before making a buying decision. The majority of those users are influenced by what others are saying or are not saying. A strong social media presence will support consumer confidence and make your company appear more accessible and responsive. Our social media solutions are engineered to sustain growth where it matters most: clients, revenue and bottom line.

Go Viral!

One of the reasons why social media is so effective is due to it’s viral nature. For example, the average facebook user has 150+ friends. When someone “Likes” your facebook page, that interaction with your business becomes visible to all of their friends. If only three of their friends then “Like” your page you have just put your business in front of the eyes of roughly 600 people.

SEO Benefits

Social Media also provides SEO (Search Engine Optimization) benefits. Social metrics such as “Likes”, Comments, Followers or Retweets act as “consumer votes of confidence” and will heavily influence SERP rank. You can think of it like this… we are Google’s customer and to keep us coming back they need to assure the best product possible, which is accurate and timely search results. If you’re searching for a Pizza Shop, what better way for Google to determine the best suggestion than true interaction with the consumer. A business with the most “Likes”, comments, Followers, or reviews will do doubt get better placement over a business without a social presence.

Brand Marketing

The most difficult type of marketing to exploit is brand marketing; which is getting found by people not searching for your product service. Social Media provides the perfect platform to turn those types of consumers into customers. The ability to convey the personality of your company within such a viral environment can generate new business that typically would not not be obtained.

Web Site Concept Stage


We will work with you to choose the social media channels that best align with your industry and business. Once determined, we then proceed with the setup and design of all accounts. After each account has a proper representation of your brand we finish by linking them to your website. This integration not only helps customers find your social presence but also helps search engines verify the validity of each account.

Web Site Concept Stage


Our strategic management of your company’s social media campaigns will save you both time and money while growing your business. Through ongoing posts and email campaigns, we implement proven strategies that convert Fans and Followers into customers. Focus on what you do best while we focus on promoting your business!

Web Site Concept Stage


You can use paid social media ads as an integrated, cross-platform tactic in conjunction with both online and offline marketing. Our professionally managed campaigns can be leveraged to expedite the growth of your company’s Facebook Page or Twitter handle or simply to promote any custom call-to-action.

Web Site Concept Stage


If you prefer to manage your company’s social presence but would still like to benefit from the professionals insight then our consulting services are a perfect fit. When running your business, we know how hard it can be to also stay at the forefront of the ever changing social media environment. Whether a full blown social campaign strategy or just a once per month critique or brainstorm session we can customize this service to your exact needs.


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