Mobile Sites & Applications

You’re not really open for business until you have a mobile presence. With the majority of people going to their smart phones or tablets before making a purchase decision, effective mobile optimization is the key to generating more traffic, boosting customer engagement and increasing sales. Your options for mobile compatibility are a responsive site, mobile site, and phone or tablet application.

Responsive Websites


This ”one-site-fits-all” solution uses percentage based columns so that regardless the browser or mobile device being used, the images and layout will adjust to fit the screen size. The navigation of your site remains user-friendly and features such as clickable hyperlinks and flash are fully adaptable. With a responsive website you’re using the same domain across all platforms. There is no need to purchase and host a separate domain. Another great aspect about a responsive site is it’s versatility into the future. As devices and screen sizes change with technology, your site will continue to adapt!

Mobile Sites


These sites are developed specifically for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. They are designed with user-friendly navigation, large buttons and built to fit the space of a mobile browser so users don’t have to stretch the screen to see images or text. A mobile site is completely separate from your website domain and needs to be hosted either as a sub-domain ( or as a different domain altogether. Once built your mobile site will work on the devices of all manufacturers but may not be adaptable into the future as the size of mobile devices change. Other drawbacks include the the mobile site not being compatible with flash nor would it contain all pages of your website. Although a very cost effective solution, a mobile site serves best as a quick fix to get mobile-friendly.

Mobile & Tablet Applications


These applications can only be download and used on mobile devices, smart phones or tablets. They are used for a variety of purposes such as a more robust version of your website, gaming, reporting or something unique that uses the camera, GPS or other mobile functionality. Users locate your app for download via device specific portals such as Android Market, Blackberry App World or Apple’s App Store. A great benefit is that once installed on a mobile device, a person can use your app without internet connection. You can also connect with users who download through mobile push notifications, SMS, and calendar reminders. Also, they provide for additional revenue opportunity through paid downloads, subscriptions or banner ads. A mobile or tablet applications can be costly due to a separate app needs to be developed for different devices.

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